Rohan Joshi

Oct 26, 2020

3 min read

Never Trust A Skinny Chef

Poacher and Partridge

I am a 13-year-old boy who loves food, I cook it, eat it the full package. I pretty much eat everything… except celery. I have a wide palate from oyster festivals in South Africa to Dosa in India. I like spice, but then I also like English roasts and traditional English meals like ‘toad in the hole’ etc.

The Poacher and Partridge, a gastropub that has a wide range of items on the menu. Let's start off with the drinks, we had mainly water, coke (which were normal) but we also did have a couple of non-alcoholic drinks like the strawberry daiquiri and the pornstar martini, both great, zesty, and refreshing making us want more. The prices of these drinks were respectively 4 and 5 pounds which is your average mocktail price. They have pizzas, steaks, roasts, nibbles, platters, starters practically everything, our starters were the chicken wings, the chorizo, and the prawns which as usual were incredible. For the main course, we got (this time we went on a Sunday) so we got a roast platter, the spicy chicken kebab, a vegan burger, and the duck. The roast was average the potatoes a little bigger making them drier and less buttery and crispy the Yorkshire was good but you can't really mess one up. The vegetables were hard and undercooked with no flavour the gravy was alright but you would need more as the potatoes were so dry you needed some moistness. The meat was bang average not too much flavour, on the dryer side but it was a special occasion and the roast was not bad, I would eat it any day. The duck tasted horrible it was dry, the wine sauce overpowered the dish and the potatoes were average. Not something I would recommend to anyone. The chicken is usually full of flavour and nice and moist but this time it was dry and flavourless. The vegan burger, well it was vegan, personally I quite enjoy these but it was VERY bland. The desert, however, was really good we had a mixed fruit crumble. A good balance between crumble and fruit to make it not too dehydrating and more refreshing. The icecream mixed with everything just brought the whole dish together making everything taste 10x better. The atmosphere was just perfect, outside in a big open greenhouse sort of building with no walls on the side open, lots of people spaced accordingly for coronavirus, the waiters wore masks but not gloves so there is still room for improvement. Overall a nice Sunday afternoon in a warm atmosphere. 6/10

Pornstar Martini
Roast Platter
Strawberry Daiquiri
Berry Crumble