The Kentish Hare is a quaint restaurant in the outskirts of Tonbridge, a cosy homey feel it has to it. I was a bit worried about corona-virus though, in the Poacher and Partridge we had it outdoors so it was a lot safer but here we were indoors with a couple of other groups of people. It took a bit to get used to but what made it better was that we had to wear a mask when getting up or when we entered that just made me feel a bit better. Our drinks were brilliant, the juice, the wine, all perfect. We got many starters, a hummus with bread, chorizo, soup, and a fancy beetroot salmon, as usual, they were all great. We went on Sunday so for main meals we got two roasts and a burger.

The burger was really nice, the bacon had a nice crunchiness to it and the burger was still juicy. You could taste everything. The fries were normal, they were fries you can't really mess that up.

The roast was also incredible, the potatoes, crispy, moist, buttery. There was a whole jug full of gravy you could put in your potatoes and the Yorkshire everywhere, and on the side, there were some vegetables and cheesy cauliflower. The chicken was nicely cooked you could see the juices oozing out and it was soft and succulent. The Yorkshire was airy, crispy. But you can't mess one up. I also just love the generous portion.

The beetroot salmon was soft, light and a nice starter.

The food was incredible overall, in the end as it was my sisters birthday they brought us a beautiful cake but it was not free, it was expensive.

I remember in South Africa when if it was your birthday they would give you a slice for free!

7/10 (8/10 food 6/10 atmosphere 7/10 covid-safe)

a foodie