The Kentish Hare is a quaint restaurant in the outskirts of Tonbridge, a cosy homey feel it has to it. I was a bit worried about corona-virus though, in the Poacher and Partridge we had it outdoors so it was a lot safer but here we were indoors with a couple of other groups of people. It took a bit to get used to but what made it better was that we had to wear a mask when getting up or when we entered that just made me feel a bit better. Our drinks were brilliant, the juice, the wine…

Never Trust A Skinny Chef

I am a 13-year-old boy who loves food, I cook it, eat it the full package. I pretty much eat everything… except celery. I have a wide palate from oyster festivals in South Africa to Dosa in India. I like spice, but then I also like English roasts and traditional English meals like ‘toad in the hole’ etc.

The Poacher and Partridge, a gastropub that has a wide range of items on the menu. Let's start off with the drinks, we had mainly water, coke (which were normal) but we also did have a couple of non-alcoholic drinks like the…

Rohan Joshi

a foodie

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